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Europe bucket list

Europe bucket list

The most important factor in tracking progress and or accomplishments is actually listing out what you want to accomplish before you go ahead and tick them off. In the case of travelling, I guess this is where a bucket list fits in. Now I am no expert at this and I am definitely not one to get upset if I don't do all the best things when travelling. However, I tend to forget the parts I enjoyed most during a holiday and I also tend to forget the things I really wanted to do once I have done them. I am sure everyone has at least once googled some travel bucket list ideas.

Himal and I leave for our much awaited Europe Holiday today. We will be visiting the following places; London, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Barcelona, Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Athens, Santorini, Milan, Venice and Rome, in just five weeks. Taking inspiration from all the amazing bloggers and travel documentaries out there, I have created my very own, Europe bucket list, before going to Europe. The point of creating this list is so that years down the line, when I look back at this holiday, I might actually have something to say about what I really wanted to do in Europe and if the experience matched my expectations. Some of the things may sound pretty lame but hey, not everything in life needs to be serious, it's a holiday after all! All I want to do is get familiar with the local culture of all the different places, eat lots of good food, create memories and most of all, enjoy every moment of it. So here we go! 

  1. Be a tourist and visit as many touristy places as possible and take pictures.
  2. Have the most amazing time with our friends, Jal and Premvati who will be joining us in Monaco and Barcelona.
  3. Buy European cult cosmetics.
  4. Enjoy afternoon tea in London.
  5. Visit the BAPS mandir in Neasden.
  6. Visit Buckingham palace and see the changing of the guards.
  7. Capture the best images of the London tower bridge.
  8. Enjoy the view of London city from the Shard.
  9. Re-visit Trafalgar square.
  10. Enjoy the beauty of St Paul's cathedral.
  11. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  12. Take a selfie at the Louvre.
  13. Walk along the Champs Elysees.
  14. Eat a vegan macaron in Paris.
  15. Make a trip to the palace of Verailles.
  16. Buy an Eiffel Tower souvenir.
  17. Take the Eurostar from London to Paris.
  18. Drink hot chocolate at Angelina.
  19. Buy a perfume in Paris.
  20. Wander through the neighbourhoods of Montmartre and Canal Saint-Martin.
  21. Go to a casino in Monaco.
  22. Stare at luxury yachts and cars in Monaco and guess how much each one cost.
  23. Eat lots of cut up fresh fruit and drink juices at the La Boqueria markets in Barcelona.
  24. Look up in Barcelona and take notice of Gaudi's architecture.
  25. Indulge in the luxurious traditional hamman baths in Turkey.
  26. Visit the grand bazaar and buy spices and all other non sense that I find.
  27. Catch a ferry too Princes Island.
  28. Get the perfect shot of the Sultan Ahmet mosque in Istanbul.
  29. Watch the whirling dervishes perform in Istanbul.
  30. Take a red tram in Istanbul.
  31. Climb down basilica cistern.
  32. Eat baklava and Turkish delights.
  33. Drink Turkish tea.
  34. Stroll through the Jewish ghettosin Istanbul.
  35. Eat a vegetarian gyros in Athens.
  36. Buy Greek sandals.
  37. Visit the Greek ruins, The Acropolis and Parthenon.
  38. Watch the changing of guards at Syntagma square.
  39. Enjoy the perfect sunset in Santorini.
  40. Bask in the sun.
  41. Explore the historic walls of the old city in Dubrovnik.
  42. Swim in the Adriatic sea.
  43. Visit the church of St.Blaise in Dubrovnik.
  44. Take the cable car to Mount Srd.
  45. Visit a medieval pharmacy in Dubrovnik.
  46. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  47. Visit St. Marks Basilica.
  48. Take a trip down the Grand Canal.
  49. Eat lots of gelato in Italy.
  50. Take a picture of the bridge of Sighs.
  51. Take a ferry to Murano.
  52. Visit the Libreria Acqua Alta bookstore that gets flooded constantly.
  53. Make a trip to the Venetian Ghetto.
  54. Eat pizza.
  55. Appreciate the inside of St. Mark's Clock Tower.
  56. Attempt to photograph the Colosseum at night.
  57. Gaze at the Architectural Marvel of the Pantheon.
  58. Pay respects at the Vatican.
  59. Visit St.Peter's basilica.
  60. Climb the Spanish steps.
  61. Toss a coin into the the Trevi fountain.
  62. Drink coffee the Italian way.
  63. Purchase fresh produce from the market at Campo de’ Fior.
  64. Eat gelato and pizza ( yes, I know this is repeated, it's because it is the most important).
  65. Keep adding to this bucket list!!
Mumbai street style sattvic Pav-Bhaji

Mumbai street style sattvic Pav-Bhaji